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eGARAGI: your All-in-one Car Recovery Solution. For breakdowns, accidents, or getting your vehicle to a repair shop, eGARAGI’s multi-vendor services have you covered.


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Booking car recovery is effortless with eGARAGI's multi-vendor app.

Contacting the Service Provider

When a vehicle breaks down or experiences an issue that renders it undrivable, the driver or owner contacts a car recovery service provider. This can be done through eGARAGI mobile app.

Location Information

The Vehicle owner provides the service provider with accurate location information, including the vehicle's exact position, the nature of the issue, and any relevant details via eGARAGI app.

Dispatching a Recovery Vehicle

The car recovery service dispatches a recovery vehicle (often a tow truck) equipped to handle the specific situation. The type of vehicle dispatched depends on factors like the size and condition of the disabled vehicle.

Arrival of the Recovery Team

The recovery team arrives at the location of the disabled vehicle. They assess the situation and determine the best method for recovery.

Securing the Vehicle

If the vehicle is not in a drivable condition, it is securely attached to the recovery vehicle using appropriate towing equipment. This ensures the vehicle remains stable during transport.

Transport to Destination

The recovery team transports the disabled vehicle to a destination of the driver's choice. This could be a repair shop, the driver's home, or another designated location.

Drop-Off and Handover

Once at the destination, the recovery team safely unloads and hands over the vehicle to the driver, repair shop, or designated recipient.

Payment and Documentation

The driver may be required to pay for the car recovery service, either on-site or through other payment arrangements. Documentation, including a receipt and any necessary forms, may be provided.

Additional Services

In some cases, the car recovery service may offer additional assistance, such as roadside repairs, battery boosts, or flat tire changes, depending on the nature of the breakdown.


Some car recovery services may follow up with the driver or vehicle owner to ensure that the vehicle has been properly serviced and is back on the road safely.

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We have a network of garages all over the United Arab Emirates. All our garages are vetted,
checked, qualified and insured to work on your vehicle.

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Booking car recovery is effortless with eGARAGI's multi-vendor app. Request assistance quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on your day.

Car recovery services play a crucial role in assisting drivers during emergencies or when their vehicles experience mechanical failures, accidents, or other issues that prevent safe driving.

They provide a reliable means of transporting vehicles to repair facilities, ensuring the safety of both drivers and other road users.

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eGARAGI, your ultimate solution for hassle-free car care in the UAE.. Say goodbye to long waits traditional maintenance centers - with eGARAGI, your car gets the care it deserves while you save time and enjoy eco-friendly services."

If your car is still covered under warranty, rest assured that eGARAGI's services are designed to complement your warranty. We offer convenient on-demand services such as essential maintenance like engine oil, battery, and tyre changes. Our skilled professionals ensure that your car's warranty remains intact while providing you with the convenience and peace of mind you deserve."

Customer safety and satisfaction are always our top priorities! We also believe in providing honest, and transparent services. Our customers are always well-informed – we don’t do ‘surprises’ – 100% up front with you.

Depends on the services which you choose.

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