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Get Ready for Effortless Car Maintenance at Your Fingertips

eGARAGi, your ultimate solution for hassle-free car care in the UAE.. Say goodbye to long waits traditional maintenance centers - with eGARAGi, your car gets the care it deserves while you save time and enjoy eco-friendly services."

If your car is still covered under warranty, rest assured that eGARAGi's services are designed to complement your warranty. We offer convenient on-demand services such as essential maintenance like engine oil, battery, and tyre changes. Our skilled professionals ensure that your car's warranty remains intact while providing you with the convenience and peace of mind you deserve."

Customer safety and satisfaction are always our top priorities! We also believe in providing honest, and transparent services. Our customers are always well-informed – we don’t do ‘surprises’ – 100% up front with you.

Depends on the services which you choose.

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